This volume of Amarna Reports contains the last preliminary accounts of excavations at the Workmen’s Village. After eight seasons the current programme at this particular part of Amama has been completed; for the future it is planned to focus primarily in the Main City. In the Preface to Amarna Reports III some space was devoted to discussing at what point it would be prudent to bring to a close the current fieldwork at the Workmen’s Village. The criterion against which decisions of excavation strategy have been made was stated: an area can be said to be finished when an argument of some detail supported by data from the various sources can be put forward to explain its present appearance. The strategy of the 1986 season, a short one of six weeks duration (March 2nd to April 10th), was devised with the intention of seeing whether the criterion could be met within this period for the remaining parts of the site. There were two of these: the zone of extra-mural debris on the east side of the Village, and the interior of the Village itself, with particular reference to the south-west comer.

Author: Dr. Barry John Kemp
Publication Date: 2013